Changes in Residential Care – Good or bad?

 My final Children’s Home  – A place I called home.  Dear all A welcome announcement was made at the start off 2014 by the DfE, bringing news of the legislative changes to how Looked after Children in Residential Care are given the opportunity to find a place to belong and feel safe. But what do these changes really mean, and are they positive or negative?  In future, only senior council officials in charge of children’s services will be able to place children out of area and only when they judge it to be the right decision for a child to … Continue reading Changes in Residential Care – Good or bad?

Where has my inner strength gone…

Evening everyone I have to admit (with difficulty) that I seem to be internally wavering far more than I usually do. I want to give myself a little bit of a break with feeling this, and wait for it to pass, but, and I sorely hate to admit this, my anxiety levels are at monstrous levels.  This year would have tested the most strongest of person. My family have suffered horrific times, a desperate person broke into my car and stole “this life’s” work, I have been incredibly unwell, with repeated hospital admissions, including one as an emergency to have … Continue reading Where has my inner strength gone…

Looked after Children to remain in Foster Care until 21

Chaworth Reunion 2013 – Jenny and 2 of her Residential Social Workers from 23 years ago. The public concern for Looked after Children in Childrens Homes following the recent announcement for the provision of Looked after Children being able to remain in Foster Care until they are 21, is valid. The announcement,, is a welcome time to be positive about the Childrens and Families Bill, but not a time for complacency. The entire system, culture and policy within the Care System has been allowed to erode itself of the original values and principles which provided a safe haven for … Continue reading Looked after Children to remain in Foster Care until 21


Dear all Had reason to try and support a Care Leaver with strategies around dealing with flashbacks. Boy, they really are so distressing, and can happen any time, any where. I shared the time that I was at work in Central London, just about to give a presentation on potential redundancies, was feeling absolutely wretched for my colleagues and for having to deliver the message, when I spotted a number 73 bus. I was immediately transported back to a time when I was at home and a horrific incident occurred. I could smell my parents house, see the mans spit … Continue reading Flashbacks

Lovely memories whilst in Care

Hi all I received an invitation yesterday which evoked fond memories of the Fostering Agency which fostered me. UK Fostering – google them, they are wicked!, invited myself and my family to a day out. When I was in Care, and long after I left, I was invited, with my family on the big yearly day out and holiday. The Managers of the IFA had taken me under their wing, and worked hard to continue to build my bank of memories. The invitations gave me a sense of pride – they wanted me – they thought of me – they … Continue reading Lovely memories whilst in Care

A Care Leaver forgives her abusers – how?

Dear all When I left Care, I was a huge melting pot of emotions – negative feelings – about myself. I absolutely despised myself. A horrible, unlovable, ugly, nasty, spiteful person I believed I was.  It really really hurt when I thought of my childhood with my parents, and as I was back in contact with them, (thats a whole different blog, re-entering the same situation upon which you were rescued!)  I internalised my feelings for them, and my lost childhood, and tried the best I could to make a life for my children.  After all – my parents, were … Continue reading A Care Leaver forgives her abusers – how?