Dear all

Had reason to try and support a Care Leaver with strategies around dealing with flashbacks. Boy, they really are so distressing, and can happen any time, any where.

I shared the time that I was at work in Central London, just about to give a presentation on potential redundancies, was feeling absolutely wretched for my colleagues and for having to deliver the message, when I spotted a number 73 bus. I was immediately transported back to a time when I was at home and a horrific incident occurred. I could smell my parents house, see the mans spit going in my mums face, and was totally in the moment.

I came to, hearing the Director calling my name, quickly put my “mask” of “a normal person” back on and did my thing.

Inside, I was scared, angry and feeling like that 8 year old again.

During therapy, I was taught about visualisation, and began to use this to deal with these flashbacks. It was a miracle! It took some self training, but it transformed my Wellbeing at such tines as was needed.

My Care Leaver took to it like a duck to water – persevered – and has just returned to Uni, she says, with a new confidence and sense of self worth.

How rewarding is that! Money just cannot buy these experiences – the therapeutic value of one Care Leaver helping another.

Take care all

Jen xx


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