Lovely memories whilst in Care

Hi all

I received an invitation yesterday which evoked fond memories of the Fostering Agency which fostered me.

UK Fostering – google them, they are wicked!, invited myself and my family to a day out.

When I was in Care, and long after I left, I was invited, with my family on the big yearly day out and holiday.

The Managers of the IFA had taken me under their wing, and worked hard to continue to build my bank of memories.

The invitations gave me a sense of pride – they wanted me – they thought of me – they cared about me.

They also gave me a sense of belonging – something which I struggled to keep.

Other memories I have, cause as you all should all know by now, Care ain’t all bad!, which I shared with my own children and now granddaughter:

Being taken out to see the Xmas lights on people’s houses

£1 coin being in the Xmas pudding, and the social workers always making sure I got it!

A stocking at the end of my bed on Xmas morning

Choosing the children’s home tea on my birthday

Supper! A tea trolley with hit chocolate and biscuits on before bed.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Children’s home holidays

Putting on Xmas plays for the staff (poor them!)

Sports days organised by the children’s home staff.

I could go on and on!

To all you IFAs out there – consider extending your own invitations out to your Care Leavers – it means so much.

Have a great day all

Much love

Jenny Aka Hackney Child


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