A sad end

Dear all

Today has been a sad day. Tragic.

Today I tried to protect the dignity of my friend J, who overdosed 2 weeks ago, and is now in a coma without hope of returning.

We had so many conversations where he battled with why his birth mum had abandoned him to the Care System as a baby, and how blessed he felt by having been chosen by his new mum and dad, to be their forever child.

He felt ashamed, guilty, less than and a failure.

Brightness then appeared – he successfully completed an abstinence based treatment programme, I met him there on my own journey of recovery, J went on to enjoy a year of sobriety.

Today – after his tragic relapse – I found the card I had written to him in 2009, using my nick name for him, Sunshine, congratulating him on getting to the end of the programme.

So many didn’t.

Today – I joined his beautiful parents in trying to clear his flat.

He had given up.

He had nothing.

But rubbish – piles and piles of rubbish.

But, what he did have, to the day he left us, was his forever mum and dad.

Addiction ain’t no choice.

Love ya J

Jen x Aka Hackney Child.


7 thoughts on “A sad end

  1. Hey there lovely lady, reading those humble, scary, close to my heart, the list is endless words u have written about your friend J, has left me still wide awake up until now, wanting to run kicking and screaming so fast or be able to crawl out of my own skin right now, anything to get away from that word ADICTION. Sometimes u c or read something that really gets to u, your friend J certainly has me. Loosing a brother to a heroine overdose, battling with adiction myself, seeing and living within a family who now visits a grave and lays flowers for someone lost to adiction hit me like a ton of bricks instantly all over again. I felt I really had to pass on my love and prayers to j’s family, his forever mum and dad (beautiful) and to his friends and if I can in anyway help (in anyway) than please I’m here and I will. U may wonder why iv not included sending my love j on here, well that’s gonna come next but is something to personal its be between me and my higher power when I’m feeling powerless I no that’s the only way to go and in return I no my higher power will send my prayer love and huge hugs and some more love on the top of that straight to the heart of J from me xxxxxxxXxxxxxxx

  2. How sad. I have been lucky enough to keep my grand kids out of the system by taking them myself…but I do fear that someday these kids will question why their parents chose addiction over them. I only hope that I can make them understand that ADDICTION is not a choice, but a disease (dis-ease?). They made the choice to do drugs, but did not choose to be addicted.
    Thank you for sharing your story!

    1. Hi Cathy
      You have done an amazing job with your grand babies – lots don’t.

      When the time is right – you will know when – the healing for the kids will progress – you have already started thus with your love.

      Loads a love

      Jen x Aka Hackney Child

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