World Social Work Day – yipppeeeeee

Social Workers….errrrrrrrr to ahhhhhhh….

At 9 my Social Worker was my only familiar adult face when I was placed
in Care.

At 11 my Social Worker was my advocate and confidant.

At 13 my Social Worker was both my enemy and my saviour.

At 14 my Social Worker was full of praise.

At 16 my Social Worker was very annoying and knew nothing….

At 18 I officially lost my Social Worker when I left Care….

At 38 my Social Workers are still in my life as part of my family.


Cause I love them and they love me.



2 thoughts on “World Social Work Day – yipppeeeeee

  1. First of all what a beautiful granddaughter you have, I’m sure she brings you many wonderful moments. I have four small grandchildren and am grateful for every moment I spend with them. I’ve just come across this blog but as a social worker (in a family placement team) I feel should read your story and look forward to doing so. Thank you for your comments in regards social workers, I am sure many of those who had the pleasure of being your worker would be happy to hear that for the most part you remember them fondly.

    1. Hiya Pauline

      What a beautiful response – thank you.

      Yes, lily brings me enormous gratitude and many many laughs! She has definitely inherited my strong will!

      Cant wait for ya feedback on Hackney Child – let me have ya thoughts.

      Take good care

      Jen x

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