Memories of the Care System

Hi all

Was reminded of the exciting day that I was sent for my photo to be taken – I was going in the paper looking for new parents! Oh boy, I was beyond happy. I had waited many years for this moment, and felt very very special. 

I remember agonising over which name they should use – as I was a Ward of Court, my real name wasn’t allowed. I tormented myself with the worry of not having any replies to the advert, what if they thought I was ugly, looked like trouble, too fat, or didn’t like my name…. Oh how I worried. 

The morning that the advert appeared in the papers felt like christmas morning – you know – the lovely warm feeling you get in your tummy when you catch yourself remembering that its Christmas Day – it was a delicious day. 

My key worker, Jimmy, had bought me 5 copies of the Daily Mirror, The Telegraph and the Surrey Herald – I was like a kid in a candy store – my dream was becoming a reality. 

However…. and you all knew this was coming so I won’t bore you with the details, my fostering dream was not to be. I will not allow this to spoil my lovely memories of the Social Workers trying for me though….


Have a great weekend all

Jenny aka Hackney Child 


5 thoughts on “Memories of the Care System

  1. We didnt want you to go jenny! I would rather you had put Jimmy in the paper..We loved you being there cause you were always such good fun, Xxx x x BJ

    1. i wish id been there when you were there jen, xxx & i agree with john, you should have put jimmy in the paper…lol…xxxx

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