My beautiful granddaughter

Hi all You see, when I’m asked, “how did you break the cycle”, of repeated generations in your family, where the kids ended up in the Care System – I am often, stumped for words. How did I break the cycle? Here are my thoughts: Resiliance: Nurtured by both the community and the decent Social Workers Role models: I’ve lost track of the numbers of both residential and area social workers, who provided me with the attention, love, and empathy – not to mention boundaries, work ethic and kindness. The social workers, teachers, cleaners in the children’s homes etc, were … Continue reading My beautiful granddaughter

Self acceptance – A Care Leaver

From our earliest memories, many of us felt like we never belonged. The stark reality as a child living in the Care System is – quite often we really didn’t belong.  Deep down, we believed that if we really let others get to know us, they would reject us. We had enough evidence as abused children to believe this to be true.  Many of us hid the pain of our alienation with an attitude of defiance. In effect, we told the world, “You don’t need me? Well, I don’t need any of you, either”. The higher our insecurities and anxiety … Continue reading Self acceptance – A Care Leaver