Genuine Independent Fostering Agency

Hi all

When Looked After Children organisations state that they are child centred – I always look at their participation – and think – genuine or not.

Why do I do this? Well, to be child centred will almost certainly give the child/YP the opportunity to tune into empathy and not sympathy.

I often say no to working with organisations if the above is not the case – very disappointing that not all are.

I feel no shame by shouting about an organisation – UK Fostering – who fit this description – child centred – perfectly.

UK Fostering were the only IFA who took a Care Leaver along, to a Tender presentation, to support their organisations aims and principles – without any scripting too!

This is definitely an organisation as “one to watch”, as their groundbreaking ethos is going to smash other IFAs out of the water!

Keep ya eyes and ears to the ground :-0)

Best wishes – a care leaver.


One thought on “Genuine Independent Fostering Agency

  1. I am so proud and grateful that we work so well together. You helped UK Fostering shape services and made already an enormous amount of significant contributions. Your practical as well as emotional support has really made a difference. Urs, Director UK Fostering

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