About Jenny Molloy Aka Hackneychild 

Hackneychild - True Story of life in the Care System
Hackneychild – True Story of life in the Care System
Jenny Molloy, the co-author of Hackney Child and Patron of BASW England  spent most of her childhood in care. She was rescued from her home at the age of nine and spent the next nine years in Care.

Her experience of Care is broadly a positive one, although she’s been told she wasn’t the easiest teenager to work with! Her experience involved many placements and many dramas. At the age of thirty, Jenny felt ready to deal with the demons of her childhood and engaged with intensive therapy, where she sought recovery for a dependency issue.

Jenny is very proud to refer to herself as a Care Leaver in recovery. Jenny’s mission is to reach out to Care Leavers and associated professionals to inspire hope and to remind us that all care leavers have ability. We need to support them to believe in themselves and achieve their potential.


4 thoughts on “About Jenny Molloy Aka Hackneychild 

  1. Jenny, I am totally horrified to see you have been bullied off twitter, we have many opposing views and agenda, to the extent of probably being classed as adversaries. But I was part raised in care too and like you, I know that it is a swirling morass of shades of grey. If you ever come back to twitter, add me and I will be happy to give you “covering fire” against ANY bullying.

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